Isle Royale: portage; moose; the flattened grass is a moose bed.
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This simulator uses Forska, a boreal forest simulator, to provide the landscape base for Gecko, an individual based ecosystem simulator. Gecko is providing the user interface and spatial structure and (eventually) herbivores and carnivores. Forska provides climate change and tree species data, and simulates the patches of forest within each hexagon.

Gecko Forska is a baseline for a global warming project on Isle Royale, Lake Superior, for Oswald Schmitz of the Yale School of Forestry. This work is generously funded by the Noble Foundation.


Forska was originally written in Fortran by Rik Leemans. This source code was extended and modified by a number of people, sometimes divergently. Gecko Forska began with the Fortran provided by David T. Price, for Forska2v. Ginger Booth translated that to Java in August 2002, verifying the translation to give exact same results as the Fortran, down to the same random number sequence, to time 86, after which time the results seem to diverge trivially.

We'd like to thank David Price, Rik Leemans, Allen Solomon, Marcus Lindner, Martin Sykes, and Harald Bugmann, of the Forska community for their help.



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Ginger Booth, February, 2003