My specialty is interactive graphics for teaching, science, and games.

I'm a freelance Web programmer with decades of experience, full stack, mostly interactive graphics.

Recently I'm a science fiction author.

As a programmer, I focus on single source technologies for cross-browser, cross-platform support. Full software life-cycle, software architecture through specification, design, development, documentation, deployment, and ongoing support. Or whatever subset you need.

I developed most of my Portfolio as high-level teaching courseware for universities, starting with Yale. Technology marches on. Most of these beautiful applications no longer work. I'd love to update them, if you have funding.

Skills include:

  • HTML5 / CSS / Javascript / JQuery
  • Drupal CMS (5 / 6 / 7 / 9)
  • PHP / MySQL / LAMP
  • Flash / Flex / AIR / ActionScript 2 and 3 / AIR for mobile
  • Java applets and applications
  • Offline languages (Objective-C, C++, Pascal, Fortran, etc.)

As a subcontractor for interactive marketing firms, I've bid and implemented the tricky bits, such as product configurators, or a custom data-driven interactive map.

Please see my Portfolio of simulators and other online applications. And my Resume. Available for freelance work - please contact me.