gnatcatcher, coyote, opossums, gray fox, raccoon, lizard
Foodweb Kerplunk is a game about species relationships. Playing as a town councilmember in suburban California, you try to preserve the wildlife in a patch of native chaparral, against the pressures of town growth.

We teach Environmental Studies at Yale University. Adults are motivated by our subject--we all care about the quality of our environment, the future of our planet. But the demands on an adult's attention are legion. The hope is that, with a game, we can catch and hold that attention.

Kerplunk is the first piece of an online mini-course, Mortal Stakes: Populations in the 21st Century. Further games and materials will explore other aspects of human population growth, and maintaining species diversity under the onslaught. A second piece, Aid Game, has been completed so far.

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The Chaparral Foodweb


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Oceanview chaparral
near San Diego.