Donations and Licensing

I request a small donation if instructors assign my courseware to their classes. Donations help defray Ginger's effort to maintain the modules and keep them available. They don't cover development costs. Suggested donation:

  • $ 2.00 per college student assigned one module
  • $ 4.00 per college student assigned two or more modules

Use PayPal to send donations to :

If you're not going to donate anyway, please assign the courseware to your class anyway, and maybe I'll pick up some ad revenue.

No donation for:

  • K-12 students (pre-college)
  • Fractal simulators and Differential Equations Plotter
  • The Habitable Planet simulators (belong to Annenberg)

For other organizational use, please email Ginger Booth and describe the intended audience.

If you cannot donate, please send a postcard of your region as payment in full. We've received some cool postcards from overseas!


Donators may request a release to install locally for faster access or customizing the assignments, etc. Please email me a list of the software you need.