Edge Exerciser

Click the "Done" button after playing with the interactive.

(Flash version)

This is the Edge half of a Flash vs. Adobe Edge feasibility study I did for a client. The interactive has been smudged at the client's request. For instance, the original labels fit on the spoons. But it was just a throw-away piece of "eLearning", with throw-away test artwork.

The goal here was to see whether Edge (HTML5 div-based animation) was good enough to do a class of simple-game Flash interactives, fully portable across mobile and desktop systems. Also, whether using Edge would take longer than doing them in Flash.

The verdict: Edge was good enough, and not slower to implement. Testing, of course, scales with the number of platforms you choose to support.

The animation implemented in Adobe Flash is here.

Evaluating another tool took priority over dynamically loading the Edge version.

Ginger Booth