Flash Exerciser

(HTML5 version)

Click one of the load buttons to left, to show the animation.

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This is the Flash half of a Flash vs. Adobe Edge feasibility study I did for a client. The interactive has been smudged at the client's request. For instance, the original labels fit on the spoons. But it was just a throw-away piece of "eLearning", with throw-away test artwork.

The goal here was to see whether Edge (HTML5 div-based animation) was good enough to do a class of simple-game Flash interactives, fully portable across mobile and desktop systems. Also, whether using Edge would take longer than doing them in Flash.

The verdict: Edge was good enough, and not slower to implement. Testing, of course, scales with the number of platforms you choose to support.

The animation re-implemented in Adobe Edge (HTML5) is here.

Ginger Booth