The Basics

Adding and Moving Shapes
Drag onto drawing area.

Click to drop.

Shapes snap together at corners.

Click to rotate.

Drag to move.

Deleting Shapes

Drag to trash can.

Delete shape under cursor.
Delete mode button, then click on shapes to delete. Click Move mode button to end Delete mode.

Painting Shapes
Click to set a new paint color.

Click to set the new edge color (for everything).

Paint shape under cursor.

Paint mode cursor paints shape under cursor.
Use Move mode button to end Paint mode.

Third box sets the background (below).

The third box sets the background color and pattern. In this picture, the background is jellybeans, with a little green tint.

Click the background box to open a bigger Background menu:

Set tint and transparency. The tint color is drawn over the background picture, partly transparent (see through).
Choose a picture behind the tint (Textures). I chose jellybeans.
The More button lets you choose other textures. There are lots to choose from. Jellybeans are on the Food group.
You can try lots of backgrounds and tint colors. Then,

Cancel - all background changes are gone. Or,

OK - there is one thing to Undo - from your old background, to your new background.

Move mode (end or mode).

Paint mode. Click on shape to paint current color.

Delete mode. Click on shape to delete it.

Rotate mode. In move mode, click turns shape or . Use to not rotate shape on click.

Zoom in.

Zoom to fit.

Zoom out.

Undo, if any.

Redo, if any.

Scroll up.
Scroll to middle.
Scroll down.
The bottom buttons are the same idea - scroll left, middle, right.

The Menus

Title Menu
Click on the Title for a menu to set design info - title, author, notes. Saving a file brings up this same menu.

Save Your Picture!!! The File Menu
Use the File menu to save your work and manage your saved files.

File | Open brings up a list of files you saved before via File | Save.

File | Save saves your design to your local computer.

File | Email sends a picture, plus a link so the To: addressee can edit a copy of your design. This saves your design to the webserver, but never stores the email addresses.

File | New begins a new design. Examples | Blank does this, too.

File | Delete deletes the current open design.

File | Save As Picture saves a snapshot of your design.

File | Print doesn't work yet. Instead use Save As Picture, and print that file.

The Examples and Help Menus
Examples is a list of already-made designs to load. You can use Examples | Blank (or File | New) to start a new design.

Help is a menu of help topics.

The Keys

You can do most edits with the mouse. But keyboard shortcuts are convenient.

There are no modes for keyboard edits. Most work on the shape under the cursor. The mouse mode (move/paint/delete) doesn't change.

Paint shape under cursor.
Changes rotation direction - cycles through clockwise, counterclockwise, off. Doesn't actually rotate a shape - a mouse click does that.
Change to Move mode (from paint can or delete X cursor).
Zoom Out. Space bar also does Zoom out.

The combo F+space is handy - fit, then zoom out for space to work. F+O does the same, but F+space is easier to type.

Zoom In.
Back. With overlapping shapes, push the top shape to the back (underneath). This isn't Undo-able.
Scale (grow) shape under cursor.
The scales are 1.5, 2, 4, and 1.
Repeat to cycle through the scales.

Duplicate shape under cursor. Makes a copy, including rotation.

Delete shape under cursor.
The arrow keys move the shape under the cursor by one pixel in each direction. Ctrl+arrow moves farther, by the snap tolerance (about 12 pixels). Shift+arrow moves even farther, by the width or height of the shape.

Shapes do not snap together when moved with the arrow keys.

... Add shapes 1 - 6 from the shape menu. The 1 key adds a triangle, 2 adds a square, etc.

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