SimpleStats plots semantic statistics taken by my web software - not just web hit data, but how the applications are used.

To do this, I bump six "counters" stored in a MySQL database. This Flex web application presents and plots that data.

I wrote this Flex3 piece, and its Flash7 predecessor, to practice charting and PHP/MySQL integration. I also wanted to view the data, and to provide SimpleStats as a feature to my customers. Impact statistics are useful in grant proposals and project reports.

The counters are:

appOpen - User started the application.

Reader - User opened a help file. Most of my software provides a Help menu.

Run - User ran the simulator with his own parameters, or played a game level, etc. This is a measure of user engagement.

Scenario - User ran one of the pre-supplied Scenarios. Most simulators provide a menu of these, for the user to watch before crafting his own scenarios.

Edit - Some applications are more graphical editor than simulator. The Edit count gauges user involvement with these.

IO - User saved his creation via the server, or other server feature. Most of my software doesn't save data, due to web browser security sandbox issues. But with some applications, especially graphical editors, the user wants to save and share what he built - a MIDI musical composition, a pretty design, an aquarium full of fish.

SimpleStats is open-ended. I can add applications, groups, and counters as desired.

To explore the live data, click the other tabs.

(Note: SimpleStats only counts software installed on my servers. Actual usage is higher, and not all of my simulators are included. FlexSimpleStats itself (this stat browser) is called "SSExplorer2" in the statistics.)