Mandalar for Mobile

Mandalar - Pattern Blocks is now on mobile! Mandalar is a port of Pattern Blocks to Android and iOS, using Adobe AIR - same source, all platforms. Cross-operable with the web version. Designs saved to the Art Gallery can be edited with either browser-based Pattern Blocks, or Mandalar for mobile.

Pattern Blocks are used in early math and just for fun. Great for drawing mandalas, tilings, and tesselations. Originally written as a toy for my daughter in 1998, this is my most popular app by a landslide.

May 2013: Added group edits, including copy-move and scale.

January 2013: Added 8 palettes, to quickly change color scheme. Also new Share | Other, to share with your choice of sharing app - Pinterest, etc.

September 2012: Added native sharing to email, Facebook, and Twitter.

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